The Celtic Tree of Life Symbol and what it represents

What is the Celtic Tree of Life?

So just what is the Celtic Tree of Life? If you’ve stumbled on this page you’re probably already familiar with it, it’s one of the most well known symbols of Celtic Mythology.

Also known as Crann Bethadh, the Celtic Tree of Life is an ancient symbol of Celtic Mythology. A stylised representation of an old Oak or Ash tree with deep roots and high branches forming a circle, often adorned with Celtic knotwork.

Celtic Tree of Life Knot

Although it’s an ancient symbol, it can be found all over the world even today, in art, businesses, books, jewelry, tattoos, and in thousands of logos of businesses associated with Celtic culture.

What does the Celtic Tree of Life represent?

In modern times, the tree has come to represent Celtic culture in general, however to the ancient Celts, The Celtic Tree of Life represents home, safety, rebirth, new beginnings, the universe and the cycle of life and death.

Celtic people had a great respect for nature, and especially for trees – with lots of interesting folklore and mythology behind each and every species. It is no surprise that the Tree of Life symbol has come to represent Celtic Culture.

As Celtic people migrated, every new settlement was planted first with a tree (usually oak) to represent the life of the new settlement, and to act as a meeting place at the heart of the community, and to provide shelter from harsh weather.

Celtic people believed that the spirit of their ancestors lived on in the trees around them, so the tree of life was very important symbolically, representing the end of one life and the start of the next life.

The Tree of Life in other Cultures:

The symbol of the Celtic tree of life bears many similarities to other religions, beliefs and cultures of the time, especially to Yggdrasil (The world tree) from Norse Mythology.

Much of the interesting folklore and folk tales surrounding trees in Celtic Mythology is also shared with Norse Mythology.

Celtic Tree of Life Jewelry:

The Celtic Tree of Life hand carved in to a pendant

The deep and spiritual meaning of thee Tree of Life makes it a great symbol for Jewelry. It’s a great talking point, I have a lot of Celtic Jewelry and my Tree of Life brooch gets more compliments than anything else!

Most people you meet will think it’s just a beautiful tree, but anyone interested in Celtic and Norse culture will instantly recognise it straight away.

The connections with home, new life and the cycle of life and mother nature are important for everyone to remember, to keep us humble and hopeful. We’re a small part of a big world and the Celts definitely knew this.

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Celtic Tree of Life Tattoo Ideas:

The final thing to say about the Tree of Life is that it makes an awesome tattoo! It’s one of my favourite Celtic Tattoo Ideas, for the same reasons I love my Tree of Life Brooch.

Most people don’t know what it is, but anyone interested in Celtic and Norse culture will recognise it straight away, and the Tree of Life is such a meaningful symbol, I prefer something more specific over a generic Celtic knot.